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Digifobs is an education, coaching and consulting initiative that enables the transfer of knowledge using Live sessions, recorded content, documents and AI assistants, to help students achieve outcomes

The Team

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Satheesh Arichery
Satheesh Arichery - AI Digital Coaching Pioneer | 15+ years | Transformed 8000+ lives | Multi-Patent Innovator | Featured in Forbes Tech

My name is Satheesh Arichery, and my expertise lies in AI Digital Coaching.

I noticed that many people struggle to find personalized, effective coaching that fits their unique needs. The one-size-fits-all approach simply wasn't working.

Determined to solve this, I faced numerous challenges. I experimented with various AI models, integrating them with human coaching techniques. It wasn't easy, but persistence paid off.

I developed a new way of coaching powered by AI, tailored to individual learning styles and goals. The results were astonishing. Clients experienced faster progress, deeper understanding, and lasting change.

My mission is to leverage AI to create a world where everyone has access to the best coaching, personalized just for them. I want to solve the problem of ineffective coaching once and for all, making transformative growth accessible to all.

Join me on this journey to revolutionize personal development!